How Much does it Cost to Hire a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine Learning Engineer

Companies across every business sector use machine learning to increase productivity, improve innovation, and reduce expenses. Machine learning is helping companies improve the customer experience, improve their procedures, and grow at an accelerated rate. The most successful business executives are embracing this trend by hiring experienced machine learning experts to head the machine learning initiatives.

However, building a solid group of machine learning engineers can be challenging. It isn’t easy to identify people with enough experience or the appropriate soft abilities needed to integrate into your company and effectively work alongside your existing employees. Forming the ideal team of Hire ML Developers takes time, effort, and a set of standards.

Finding the right path through the maze of technical recruiting is challenging, particularly when looking for a machine learning engineer position. Highly skilled professionals are on the cutting edge of AI and automation. When you want to move your software development initiatives to a higher level, they are usually a vital part of your team. Also, knowing the cost and benefits of employing data scientists is critical for companies using analytical data to drive decision-making and other advanced methods.

What Is Machine Learning?

The machine learning process is the best way to achieve artificial intelligence. This means it can learn. Its learning process is distinct from human learning; however, the concept behind it is the same. Machine learning instructs the machine and gains experience, which can be incorporated or transferred to another machine. There are two steps to machine learning. One is to create the algorithm, and the second is to train it (with an instructor who can point out the correct answer). It usually takes thousands and hundreds of times before the algorithm gives at least 80 percent accuracy.

Machine learning creates algorithms and software, an experience for the user. Experiences, or what is known as a “data model,” can be stored in a data storage system (sort of a more advanced version of development driven by content). In light of this model, the algorithm is modified for different runtimes or jobs. Writing the algorithm is complicated and needs a math background because all received data (images, text, information, and sounds) must be converted into numbers or similar structures known as tensors and then sent through neural networks to be processed. Furthermore, the data needed to obtain accurate results should be massive. In some instances, it could be a petabyte of data.

What Is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine learning engineers are in the middle of the fields of data science and software engineering. To better understand, we will look at an instance. Companies that sell online enlist a team of Hire Remote ML Developer to build predictive models. They develop an algorithm that provides customers with recommendations based on their purchase history.

However, they need to incorporate this design into their e-commerce website, and they display suggested items to customers, creating a negative customer experience. This bottleneck is because even though the team is adept in performing statistical analysis and developing exact machine-learning models, they need help developing these algorithms. After all, they lack software engineering skills. In the end, the company has outsourced this work to an outside company, which takes more time and funds than initially intended to put into the initiative. This gap between modeling and its implementation has resulted in the creation of the machine-learning engineer, an individual with various skills, including a data scientist and a software engineer.

What Do Machine Learning Engineers Do?

Imagining machine learning engineers as data scientists and computer programmers in one is helpful. The top machine learning engineers are those with a desire for statistics and enthusiasm for data. They blend that passion with their technical capabilities to construct machine-learning models that can analyze data, detect patterns, and make accurate forecasts. Machine learning experts create website bots to interact with users, respond to queries, and record data. They also create machine learning models, which are programs that look for patterns within datasets. They sift through huge amounts of data to develop the most relevant data.

The primary tasks typically include:

  • Designing, implementing, and overseeing the operation of models that use machine learning
  • Conducting data-driven analysis to meet the needs of your organization
  • Refinement of the existing algorithms for machine learning to more effectively meet the requirements of your company
  • Informing the stakeholders of your company about the outcomes of your machine learning research
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders to develop and improve your business’s machine training strategy

They often serve as a bridge between technical and non-technical personnel. They will help determine how machine learning techniques can enhance your business. Ensure the tools are used correctly and communicate with key stakeholders to ensure the program achieves its objectives.

Why Are Machine Learning Engineers Popular Nowadays?

The algorithm will be taught, and the calculated amounts can be stored for learning. Once the algorithm accumulates enough experience, it can be extended to perform more complicated jobs. Around ten years ago, computers began to process large chunks of data and perform complex computations, which means that neural networks are now used to tackle more complicated jobs. 

The technology is currently being used to classify data, e.g., computer vision. Apple Face Recognition, even the most advanced cameras, can identify an individual (or a group of them). It can also recognize the identities of the person (like the popular social media platform, which can recognize people in pictures that aren’t identified) and determine the number of people in the video streaming. All of it opens the door to endless opportunities for the near future.

Problems Machine Learning Engineers Solve

Engineers who use machine learning tackle many problems to deliver modern solutions that use artificial intelligence. A few of the most significant issues that you can solve when hiring engineers in machine learning are:

Data Management And Preprocessing

Machine learning experts face the daunting challenge of acquiring and cleaning vast data to guarantee its quality and accuracy. They use techniques to manage insufficient data, eliminate outliers, and normalize the model data to allow for training. If you are Hire AI ML Developers, search for essential data management and preprocessing abilities to ensure they’re equipped to use this technology.

Model Selection And Architecture

Selecting the suitable model for machine learning and the appropriate architecture is vital to completing any task. If you hire a machine-learning engineer, be sure they can test various techniques, like unsupervised, supervised, or deep learning (DL). Also, determine which one is most appropriate to accomplish the task at the moment.

Overfitting And Underfitting

Machine learning focuses on finding an optimal balance between underfitting and overfitting at its core. Engineers in machine learning employ regularization and cross-validation methods to ensure the model can be managed and controlled.

Scalability And Performance

When the number of data sets increases exponentially, it will be apparent that you need to employ engineers in machine learning to ensure that the models they create can effectively deal with large quantities of information. They improve algorithms and use parallel computing methods to improve models’ performance and scalability.

Ethics And Bias

If you are hiring a machine learning engineer, you should be aware of potential biases in the information that may result in unjust or unfair results. Machine learning engineers can reduce the effects of biases and ensure that their algorithms adhere to ethics standards.

Overview Of Machine Learning Engineer Cost

There’s a general assumption that creating software using ML algorithms and AI technology can cost a lot. A few years ago, this technology was only available to big companies like Google or Microsoft. Nowadays, businesses can utilize AI/ML-based frameworks, libraries, and other software to create new software. Those businesses that had been wondering what artificial intelligence cost a few years back can now use this technology to the fullest extent.

The most critical factor in determining the amount of AI costs and the price of a machine-learning engineer is the task’s difficulty and, consequently, how much work needs to be performed by the developers to develop an AI/ML-based solution. It’s difficult to determine the quantity of work required and the exact duration of time frames compared with traditional software development. To figure out what machine learning costs and how much it will cost you, here’s a helpful guideline to follow:

Analysis And Plan

In this stage, you must clearly define the software you intend to develop, the problems it can solve, and the advantages it could bring users. You also organize all development phases and determine the approximate price for creating and releasing the software.

Development Of Prototypes And Their Evaluation

In general, the costs are in the range of $25,000 for the more complex ones. The cost depends on the program’s complexity level that you plan to develop, so it could be minor or significant.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP is a genuine product with the essential functions to provide planned functionality. Test users should see an incomplete version of your ultimate product for evaluation purposes.  Also, gain feedback that allows for changes/improvements/deletions that more efficiently meet customer needs.

Product Launch

The price of the final stage is typically estimated at the beginning. Thus, you will have the same amount of money for planning and launching your product. But you must be prepared that prototype and MVP creation could result in larger figures.

Things That Could Affect ML Engineers’ Hiring Costs

Below is a list of the essential elements that influence the cost of hiring for AI and ML.

Size And Scope Of The Project

There isn’t a standardized, fixed-priced scale for dealing with machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Every project is different and characterized by its unique characteristics and business requirements. The scope of the project and the roles it’s expected to be able to perform will greatly affect the cost.

The scope of the venture will affect these aspects:

  • The elements it must contain
  • The range of features that are complex
  • The required level of expertise to create the attributes
  • The amount of ML engineers needed for the achievement of the goal
  • An engagement model for the engineers.

Small-Scale ML Projects

Smaller-scale projects typically include only a few features, with no third-party integration, smaller teams, a basic level of developer involvement, and a faster time to release. If your project will be implemented on a smaller scale, then you’ll need just one ML expert and one QA specialist for its development, and associated costs will be lower.

Mid-Sized ML Projects

The majority of Mid-sized ML initiatives begin as smaller-scale ones. They will require more capabilities that need development and a number of Hire AI/ML Developers. Features like AI voice assistants and AI chatbots fall under this group. Hiring costs will rise when more capabilities are added to this existing list.

Enterprise-Quality ML Projects

If you are dealing with large-scale ML options, you can choose pre-built or custom-designed solutions. Pre-built options are less expensive but not customizable and support augmentation, which makes the solutions incompatible with companies that require specific capabilities.

If that’s the case, businesses must go down to the other option and create a customized solution developed to suit their needs. To do this, they must recruit experts, analysts, developers, project managers, QA specialists, and other IT professionals to manage the work. Even though the cost will be more significant, the quality of the completed project won’t be questioned. You should partner with an IT services provider to help you navigate the process and provide access to top AI and ML professionals for a reasonable price.

Business Functionalities That Are Required And The Complexities

Beyond the scope of the task, a second significant factor is the required features. Small-scale solutions featuring complex components can cost more. The features are derived directly from the specifications document and then incorporated into the goals of the software and its expected results.

How these functions interact and connect to your software is also a factor. The result is that development becomes more complex, which requires skilled ML experts who charge higher.

Where To Look For a Reasonable ML Engineer Cost And Why To Hire Them?

There is only one answer: both hardware and human beings. Two types of engineers are required: data scientists and builders for infrastructure. Data scientists are ML engineers responsible for the basis of the algorithm, analyzing raw data, and placing it in the network. ML developers should hold an academic background in mathematics since many of the frameworks for data science need a solid understanding of math. Most of them employ Python to develop as it is simple, and many frameworks, such as Pandas and Keras, are produced using Python. 

However, one of the most popular examples of machine learning is Tensorflow, which Google created. One of the prerequisites to using Tensorflow is hardware, as it can be executed with CUDA (running programs that run on GPU). For production, a system similar to NVIDIA DGX2 is a good choice. The hardware costs a lot, and the data could be processed quicker than conventional GPU data centers.

Popular machine learning platforms are Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe2, CNTK, SciKit-Learn, and Keras (the total pay of a machine learning engineer is based on their experience and knowledge). To cut down on the costs of the runtime for your solution and to reduce the cost of running it, you should be able to DevOps such as a Kubernetes application developer when you’ve got an application built using Kubernetes to optimize it for lower use of resources as well as for it to be more efficient. Even here, Python has the edge as all integrations are done using the Python programming language.

A well-written resume for an ML engineer must have around 4 to 5 years of experience at the top of the line. If there are more years on an AI programmers’ resumes, it’s likely not the case, as the first neural networks were utilized just in the universities. They must have experience working with Python frameworks, cloud platforms, and UNIX-based platforms (since Windows doesn’t support CUDA software support). The CV must contain more precise information about whether the candidate is an engineer or data scientist (they may have distinct experiences).


Machine learning has evolved into essential technology in the current digitally driven world. It develops innovative products, enhances customer experiences, or makes data-driven decisions. Hire an engineer with machine learning capabilities who will transform data analysis and lead innovative decision-making processes to stay ahead of the highly competitive market. Hiring a machine learning engineer can dramatically improve your business’s performance.

With more and more companies adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve their operations, the need for skilled, trained, skilled developers will continue. You can only get an accurate cost estimate after beginning by evaluating the requirements of the project and its size. It’s a bit more difficult to say than to do. In a market that is watertight and impossible to make mistakes, you’ll need assistance from an expert.


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