Keystride can propel you into the connected future by providing IoT products and solutions fueled through advanced analysis.

IoT Development Services for Varied Industries

As an all-stack IoT Development Company, we help enterprises and startups build smart IoT solutions and transform analog products into digital ones using IoT software, platforms, and sensors.

We recognize that IoT, or the Internet of Things, is not only about connectivity; it’s about the benefits that connectivity brings. We provide services that cover every phase of IoT initiatives, bringing tangible value and boosting resilience. We assist clients in achieving their goals by utilizing our design, business, and technology skills to get their ideas in the best possible shape to go more quickly on the market.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

IoT solutions increase efficiency and provide greater visibility throughout all supply chains. The most popular uses of the Internet of Things that we employ include tracking assets, inventory management, fleet management, and route optimization.

Agriculture and Smart Farming

IoT applications for smart farming are utilized to monitor soil conditions, observe livestock health, enhance crop health through drones for surveillance, and much more. We can cooperate on developing an Internet of Things technology for precise farming, livestock tracking, and other areas.


In the field of healthcare, there's an array of IoT applications. From remote monitoring of patients to the predictive care of equipment for medical use, the Internet of Things can keep patients healthy and safe and enhance the way doctors provide care.


IoT programs for intelligent schools enable schools to reduce energy use, lower operating expenses, improve security at schools, and increase learning outcomes through the potential of technological advancements in adaptive learning and instruction systems.

Power Your Growth with Our AI Integrated IoT Solutions

Experience bespoke IoT development services that facilitate remote device management and intelligent data analytics to meet your business requirements. Connect all devices into advanced digital ecosystems with user-friendly interfaces and dynamic dashboards.

Firmware Development

Firmware Development

We offer fully integrated solutions for developing firmware to businesses seeking to manage equipment and devices remotely, connect devices into IoT networks.
Hardware design

Hardware Design

Our hardware designing solutions cover the full spectrum of design tasks, from the beginning of conception to the management of production on a large scale.
Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions

We help manufacturing, transportation, and real estate companies enhance their maintenance strategies using industrial IoT development services and IIoT solutions.
IoT Healthcare Software

IoT Healthcare Software

Healthcare IoT solutions we offer are changing healthcare delivery by using IoT technology to improve processes, reduce waiting time, and increase efficiency.
IoT Product Development

IoT Product Development

Our product engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in developing the ideal IoT Software solution or service that surpasses your expectations.

Cloud Services

With our expertise in cloud technologies, we can help you find the right cloud solutions that meet your business needs and goals.

NFT Development

Non Fungible Tokens are in Trend. We've been building them since 2016

Software Development

From a custom CRM to Transportation Management System, we've built it all

Leverage the Unmatched Benefits of IoT Development with Keystride

Keystride is a top full-stack IoT development firm providing solid IoT solutions incorporating cutting-edge business models. Keystride’s IoT development services can help enhance performance and improve organizational effectiveness while creating more market value.

We help startups and companies that develop technological devices and transform analog goods into digital using IoT-related platforms, system software, and sensors. The IoT development team develops mobile, web-based, and integrated services to provide IoT solutions.

Enhance Productivity

To improve productivity, we offer real-time IoT training, update employees, and help them establish better coordination with clients.

Cost Optimization

Our IoT ecosystem allows for the highest asset utilization, which helps get things done with minimal cost. It aids users in maximizing their costs by ensuring that variations are kept within a certain range.

Real-Time Analytics

This enterprise-friendly IoT solution is a boon featuring real-time analysis. It identifies issues and allows the ability to address them at any time according to the user's needs.

Track Operations & Assets

Keystride increases the visibility of resources and offers an IoT chain that allows users to locate and perform the necessary IoT infrastructure maintenance.

Enhances User Experience

Through IoT-equipped devices, we assist our customers in connecting via smart trackers. We also assist customers in locating their goods and then process transactions using smartphones.

Increased Sales

Sales play an important aspect in the financial success of any company. IoT opens new business opportunities and assists companies in increasing sales by utilizing the most advanced technologies and services.

End-to-End IoT Solutions

Leverage our IoT development capabilities to support IoT Platform development and gateway integration. Keystride is a seasoned company with expertise in various domains, including Home Automation, Building Automation, Industrial Automation, and Agricultural Automation. Our experience in IoT protocol sensors, connectivity to sensors, and deployments allows Keystride to meet the challenges present in the IoT world.

We specialize in IoT software that helps improve device communications, data analysis, and useful data. Our experience guarantees the efficiency and effectiveness of user-centric solutions that connect medical devices to smart homes and industrial IoT applications, allowing IoT to unlock its full potential.

Industrial IoT

Keystride offers a broad selection of security IoT software development services to integrated system users, including content management engineering, IoT data pipeline structure, and designing smart and functional mobile and web applications.

Smart Retail

We empower customers by leveraging their Internet of Things' potential in the retail sector to gain the most value from their information. Through the integration of connected technology and intelligent insight into customers' activities, the retail experience is a pleasant one for the customers.

Connected Buildings

Our Connected Buildings Services can be utilized across various areas, including building facilities management access controls and security cameras. We assist customers in achieving better longevity of assets, lower costs, improved comfort for users, and more unified management.

OTA Software

Keystride is a reputable company that regularly updates firmware and software with over-the-top (OTA) software. We are constantly updated with the most up-to-date and secure OTA technology and tools to give a safe and secure update that helps users most efficiently.


Find answers to some of the most common queries related to IoT development services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe the interconnection of ordinary objects to the Internet, allowing them to exchange, collect, and use data without human intervention. IoT software development is focused on developing and implementing solutions that enable interconnection and allow intelligent actions based on data gathered by these devices.

IoT will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency, reducing expenses Penh, enhancing customer experience, making data-driven decisions, and creating new revenue streams with new solutions and products.

Common issues common to IoT development are ensuring that devices are compatible, ensuring data privacy and security, and addressing issues with scaling and integrating IoT solutions with the existing IT infrastructure.

The hardware requirements required for IoT development will depend on the scope of the project as well as the phase of development. Specific IoT applications require custom hardware, whereas others use off-the-shelf equipment and sensors.

An IoT platform can be described as a solution for software that simplifies IoT development by offering tools for managing devices and data storage, analytics, and integration. Whether you require one depends on the level of complexity involved in the IoT project.

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