Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our biotech pharmaceutical and MedTech experts work with you to discover and implement practical solutions to the complicated issues impacting your business in each aspect, from implementing new technologies to engagement and regulation.
Our software for healthcare and pharmaceutical development services includes consultation and design maintenance and improving medical applications for hospitals, diagnostic and research centers, and long-term health facilities for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, health-related startups, and other healthcare institutions.

Better Patient Engagement with Custom Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Services

We create, design, and use healthcare software that assists outreach managers in improving their communication with their patients. This system ensures patients are always at appointments and on time for essential checks or screenings. The system automatically adds patients to segments that will be reminded to schedule appointments. Patients also receive notifications about any changes in their medical results.

Our Custom Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Software Development Services

If you’re looking for experienced development support for your complex healthcare plan, we can finish your digital plan in tricky but appealing areas. We’ve designed and created customized software that assists healthcare and hospitals in maintaining and tracking their day-to-day operations. Our team uses its experience in healthcare to assist customers in automatizing processes and providing customized solutions to healthcare that help improve how they offer care to their patients.

Telemedicine Software Development

We developed an all-encompassing telemedicine program that allows contactless treatment and patients to communicate through video calls and instant message chats with their physicians.

Patient Engagement Solutions

We designed a complete remote monitoring application that allows doctors to track the health of their patients remotely via virtual health care or through vitals recorded from smart devices that are wearable, sensors for IoT, and various other devices.

mHealth App Development

We develop mHealth-related applications for healthcare facilities that allow them to enhance efficiency, improve service, and handle health information effectively.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

We've developed a comprehensive remote monitoring software that allows doctors to keep track of their patient's health via virtual care or by recording vitals using IoT sensors, wearable devices, and various other devices.Find out more

IoT Healthcare Software

We design and develop IoT-based health software that collects patients' information through sensors and then analyzes the data to generate valuable insights for medical and doctor personnel.

EMR/EHR Software

We create and develop an EMR/EHR software that lets doctors increase their clinic's effectiveness and communicate with patients through portals that are accessible to patients. It also allows patients access to EMRs and prescriptions written by doctors.

AR Medical App Development

We aid healthcare professionals in utilizing innovative new opportunities in the healthcare industry by introducing innovative AR technologies that make patient care easier, improve the detection of veins, and give greater knowledge of medical sciences.

Medical Software Development

We provide services for medical development software that allows for surveillance devices, internal processes, and asset management, in addition to the administration of insurance claim payments, the execution of electronic billing processes, and the control of the supply chain for healthcare.

Digitalizing the Health Industry with Bespoke Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare software development services improve efficiency, accuracy, and care for patients by considering the specific needs and demands of the healthcare industry. Keystride provides complete software for healthcare solutions and services for healthcare establishments, including hospitals, doctors, clinics, health startups in the digital age, and healthcare device networks.

From optimizing the existing administration process to enhancing efficiency and decreasing costs for operations, Healthcare application development services provide cutting-edge, disruptive technologies to provide proactive, preventive, and more secure healthcare. Our applications are the basis of the new revolution in healthcare.

Business Benefits of Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Services

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Change into digital wellness and improve productivity with our cutting-edge and digital solutions for healthcare. We integrate mobile, the internet, medical devices, and the internet to provide the most up-to-date technology for healthcare software.

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