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Keystride is a specialist in electronics development design services and hardware engineering.

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Hardware design and development services are based on designing effective, high-performance, reliable, and durable hardware components that satisfy the specific requirements of your product. Our experts can focus on key hardware design components, which are the basis of our process.

To prepare the project to be successful, we begin with the basics of electronic circuit and system design. This will lay the foundations for the following crucial steps in the implementation process: Keystride design, simulation, board sample production trials, and mass production.


Choose a firm with a track record of success and vast expertise in the field of electronic engineering, as well as an extensive understanding of design for manufacturing. We have extensive experience designing a range of electronic devices across different sectors.


Evaluate the capabilities of the company in both software and hardware development. We're a team of software and hardware engineers with the capabilities and experience to manage complicated electronic projects.

Quality Assurance

Check that the business has a solid quality assurance system to guarantee electronic product quality. Keystride has strict quality control procedures implemented to ensure the functionality and reliability of our equipment.

Client Testimonials

Review and read testimonials from clients to learn more about Keystride's reputation and customer satisfaction. Keystride has received consistent praise from our clients, demonstrating our professionalism, knowledge, and high-quality work.

We Create Innovative Hardware Solutions

Keystride’s electrical engineers Keystride has a wealth of experience in hardware development. We have a proven process of designing consumer electronics products. Beginning with the systems architecture and component selection, we can create cost-effective and future-proof electronic designs and PCBs. Our manufacturing experience in design assists in covering all aspects of the design and development of hardware products, from the initial prototypes through production, in just a few steps or repetitions.

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Our Hardware Design and Development Services

Keystride is a company that designs hardware with more than a decade of expertise. We can handle the entire process in embedded development and distinct parts of a project. We’ll help you estimate the task, design the software and hardware, and then test the prototype.

Our engineers design secure, affordable, efficient, and simple-to-use embedded solutions suitable for many industries, including consumer market mining, healthcare, retail entertainment, oil and gas manufacturing, and much more.

Custom Hardware Design Solutions

We provide unique hardware design solutions tailored to the needs of companies that manufacture products, starting from initial concepts to the final production-ready hardware.

Component Selection and Sourcing

We offer component selection and source services to ensure that the hardware's design contains quality, reliable, and cost-effective components.

Prototyping and Testing

We provide prototyping and testing capabilities for design hardware to ensure that the hardware is in line with the performance and reliability specifications of the product.

Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Design

We offer schematic capture and PCB layout services to a wide variety of applications, ensuring that the hardware design is optimized for efficiency, manufacturability, and costs.


Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and test design (DFT) services guarantee that the hardware is optimized for testing and production, resulting in a faster time-to-market and reduced expenses.

Compliance Testing and Certification

We provide testing and certification for compliance to ensure that the hardware complies with regulatory and industry standards.

Industries Focused for Hardware Design Services

Our hardware designing services encompass the entire range of development tasks, from initial design to managing large-scale production. The print circuit board (PCB) designing services encompass the creation of mixed-signal and digital PCBs that can be used for various market-related applications.

Consumer Electronics

We assist in developing and testing IoT solutions as well as unconventional electronic devices, like sensors-rich devices for performance tracking pet activity tracking systems that include data analysis and visualization.

Industrial Automation

We support electronics companies in remotely controlling their technical processes and monitoring equipment and automated production lines with HMI units, motion controllers, M2M, and process automation solutions.


Our solutions for transportation span embedded systems as well as IoT solutions. They monitor the maintenance of vehicles and downtime, ensure the driver's security, track cargo movement in logistic centers and warehouses, and provide an improved customer experience.

Media and Entertainment

Our team of hardware engineers develops various devices to improve user experience, such as navigating venues and authenticating visitors remotely, changing stage equipment, using assistive technology when going to public places, and networking with your friends.


Through our hardware engineering services, we can help automotive tech companies develop HMI/multimedia systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and equipment for electric vans and trucks.


Our range of sports solutions includes athletes' performance trackers, intelligent sporting equipment, sportswear development and rehabilitation, and player performance monitoring devices.


Answers to some of the most common user queries related to IoT product development services.

Hardware design and development services are the development and creation of electronic circuits, components and systems for various applications. These services are essential in the development of products since they offer expertise in the design of strong, efficient and customised hardware solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of the client, assuring the longevity of the product.

When selecting a hardware design service element like expertise in the relevant industry as well as expertise in specific technologies, a track record, and the capability to meet deadlines and budgets are vital. It is also essential to take into consideration the company’s methods of testing, quality control and their ability to change with the latest technological developments.

The services of hardware design play a crucial part in the success of a product by ensuring that hardware and electronic systems have been built to meet the performance, reliability as well as scalability requirements. They aid in the improvement process of production, cost-effectiveness and overall performance of the finished product, which increases the market’s competitiveness.

Yes, reliable hardware design companies often help in complying with regulatory requirements and getting certificates for electronic products. They are knowledgeable of the latest standards in the field and compliance specifications as well as guiding the process of design in order to make sure that final design is compliant with the requirements of regulatory compliance and is legally able to go to the market.

Prototyping is one of the most important phases in the design of hardware as it requires the creation of an exact physical representation that represents the system or electronic gadget. This allows testing the design, verifying it, and enhancing of the design prior to production in mass. Prototyping allows you to identify and resolve any issues early on in the development process, thus reducing the chance of making mistakes and ensuring a more secure and efficient final product.

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